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Increase your sales by knowing the pricing methods

How To Convert Website Visits to Sales

In one US study, sales increased dramatically as the variety of jams on store shelves decreased.

the continuation of the life literacy discussion, today we go into business and talk a little about "selling".

You may be a salesperson; For example, the owner of a local supermarket or the manager of a home appliance store. In this case, like all sellers around the world, you want to sell more. Here are some simple and practical ways to increase your sales:

- If some of the products you have in your store are advertised in the media, you should be happy, but this does not mean that you do not have to do anything, and a flood of customers will go to your store. Here you have to use the "reminder" technique.

People watch a product advertisement on TV at night or in the subway in the morning, watch that advertisement on a mobile phone or in a newspaper, and then get involved in life. So they do not have to remember that ad when it passes in front of your store. This is where you need to remind people who have seen or already seen an ad by placing a sign in front of the eyes of people who pass in front of or inside your store. To get Organic Search Traffic to your website in easy steps Seeing a reminder board reminds one of what one has seen in advertising and increases the likelihood of a purchase.

How To Turn Website Traffic Into Sales

· It is not without reason that some producers give posters to their stores with their products, for example, the new episode of a certain series has arrived. Use game making (gamification) ; Game development means defining a process that the customer will accompany you for a long time. For example, a pizza shop prints a card with 10 square houses and gives it to its customers. With each purchase, one of the houses is sealed by the cashier, and when all the houses are filled, a free pizza is given to the customer. This simple card can be an incentive for the customer to visit that restaurant often, of course, if the food is really delicious.

See how you can define a benefit for your customers so that they come to you on equal terms to buy?

· Try to learn and remember the names of customers. Addressing people by their first or last name evokes a sense of intimacy. This is why some businesses that have subscribers (such as telephone taxis) store people's names in their system so that when their phone rings, the subscriber's name is displayed on their monitor and they say as soon as they pick up the phone. : Hello madam / Mr. ....

Establish human relationships with customers. One way is to show love to their children. People love their children, and if someone loves their children, they will surely seek revenge. If your business is visited by people on a daily basis (for example, you are a fruit seller), what is wrong with considering biscuits that when someone enters your shop with their child, give one of them to his child with a smile and kindness? Some restaurants do this by giving children balloons.

Do not confuse the customer. The idea that if the items in the store are very diverse, your sales will also increase is rejected. In a US study, store shelves were once filled with a variety of jams; Although the number of visitors increased, sales decreased. When they reduced the number of jams, sales increased dramatically. Researchers say the human brain is skeptical of too much variety, and when hesitant, it is more likely to clear the issue and leave the purchase to another time or store.

If you look at the behavior of the old goats, you will see that they usually take three or four pieces of fabric off the shelf and show them to the customer, and it is not the case that they offer 15 pieces to the customer at the same time and confuse him. They only bring in new niches - again in the form of drips - when the customer does not like the first 3-4 niches.

behavioral say the majority of people are affected. In many reputable bookstores, a section is dedicated to the "best sellers of the month". They know that when a person knows that a product has been welcomed, they will be more inclined to it. So tell your customers how popular a product is and, as the old marketer puts it, "everyone is satisfied." So, introduce your best-selling products.

People love information. Read about the products you sell and get enough information to enrich the customer when you talk to them. When people have enough information about a product, they are more willing to buy it.

Best Paid Organic Traffic from Search Engines

If the customer knows that the motor inside this mixer is made by a certain company, its body is made of a special alloy that increases its resistance, consumes only 60 watts as a lamp and has a 24-month replacement warranty, it will be an easier decision. He buys until he sees a mixture on a store shelf. Spend your free time in the store reading the brochures of the products you sell and continuously increase your knowledge about your products by using the internet and experienced people.

If you do not have a product, do not say in response to the customer: No! Unfortunately, we do not have it. Instead, use sentences like: - We have better. - We have another brand that can meet your needs. - We will bring it in two days.

Put the goods that are not essential right in front of the eyes and hands of customers. Few people come to the supermarket to buy colored chocolate, but many go to the supermarket every day to buy milk and yogurt. So, it is not a problem if the dairy refrigerator is behind the windows, but the colored chocolates should be on the counter where the customer comes to calculate the money, and he may take one at the last minute when he sees them.

- Use the "Restrict" method. For example, if you want to offer a product or service at a discount or register for a training class, specify that, for example, you can use this opportunity only until the end of Monday, or only 20 of these phones will be offered at this price. And .... Experience has shown that when customers feel that they may miss an opportunity, they will be more inclined to buy.

Increase Lead Generation and Conversions

- Try to increase the length of time a customer stays in your store. This advice is especially important for department stores. Proper lighting, playing soft music in the space, installing soft and comfortable places for customers to sit and relax, spreading a soft scent in the environment, etc. are conventional ways to increase the customer's presence in the store. Even large stores and malls do not install wall clocks in the environment and do not leave them outside the window so that customers do not notice the passage of time.

-Surprise and make the customer happy. For example, you can sometimes give a discount to the customer without any introduction and make him happy with this sudden discount or give him a gift and a sense of gratitude. Try to combine "good customer feeling" with your brand.

- When the customer announces his shopping list to you, you can complete offers to him. For example, if you bought a suit, you could suggest the shirt that the set is to the customer or tell the restaurant customer after ordering that you also have a good salad, or your new olive is worth a try.

-Have a customer database. Call customers who used to buy traffic to your website and now do not and ask how they are doing that they are no longer coming to you; They may have cash that will save your business. Using CRM software can improve your customer relationships and increase your sales.

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